Badge of Honor

We are proud to decalre that we are the only service company that offers its customers a 30 day warranty on all repair jobs. If a problem related to the work we do arise, we fix it for FREE!, beat that! Our networking jobs carry a lifetime warranty. Thats how confident we are with the work we do.

Our pride also extends to our shortest turnaround time for all repair job. Our only wait time is delivery of replacement parts.

We always love to hear our customers telling us that our charges are very reasonable compared to some other place they once visited. To us it more of creating a long lasting relationship with our customers.

Check Repair Status Online

The tool below allows you to check the status of your computer that you brought to our office for repairs. To do so, please enter your lastname and jobsheet number given to you by the tech or shown on top right of your receipt then click check status.

TechPro IT Services
3600 N. Duke St
Suite 25
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: 919-294-8962
Fax: 919-794-7979

TechPro IT Services
1201 5th Street SW
Suite 220
Calgary AB T2R 0Y6
Phone: 403-770-9548

TechPro IT Services
209 2nd Floor, Mercury Hse
Cnr 1st/ G. Silundika

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