Server Maintenance

Server/ Computer networking and maintenance is our main line of business. With new maintenance customers, we start with making sure that the network cables are properly run, with no points of failure or conjestion and interference with electrical power lines. We then make sure all the equipment from switches, routers etc are capable of operating at optimal speeds.

We take data security very seriously and we make sure the customer has the best routers with up to date firmware. Data backup and disaster recovery is of utmost importance and we make sure each customer has adequate backups and we always introduce some redundance backups. We thrive for a 100% uptime.

TechPro VIP Customers

Every customer who engages TechPro in a maintenance agreement automatically becomes a VIP customer. The benefits include:

  • Developing IT security and stability.
  • Benefit from a unified and responsive IT support.
  • Achieve effective problem identification and resolution.
  • Streamline business planning for future growth.
  • 24/7 support and easy assessibility to all our technical staff.

Server Hosting

We still believe we have the best server hosting rates around. Unlike most companies that give customers server space, we go all the way to help setup, maintaing and backup the servers at no extra charge.

For customers who chose to engage us in a maintenance agreement or who decide to host servers with us, here is a bonus offer, we provide offsite backup free of charge! Feel free to visit us, give us a call to get more details.

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