Web and App Development

Web presence is an essential component of any successful business and this is why at TechPro we strive to make sure your business is known out there. We do web development including hosting. We also host emails for companies or individuals who do not need or have an exchange server.

We have heard a lot of requests from customers needing database driven websites mainly for intranet use. Our choice of technology is Coldfusion and we will soon be moving into PHP and MySQL as well. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment with one of our web developers.

App Development

TechPro is now developing APPS for customers, mainly to use within the company. Almost everyone now has a smart phone and some companies have mobile devices for their employees. Whats a better way to utilize these devices in order to increase production. At the moment the APPS are limited to Apple iphones and we are working hard to expand to android and Microsoft phones. Please contact us to learn more.

News Update

A Facebook owned Mobile-Backend-As-A-Service MBaaS platform, called Parse is going to be shutdown. This is a platform that we used as a backend database for our APP development. As a result we have stopped taking any orders for APP development until further notice so that we can focus on redoing customers' APPS that we developed using Parse.

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