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Our customers are the most valuable asset of our business. Their complete satisfaction is our number one goal. We have policies that set us apart from other service companies. We do (an insist on) not getting paid until a job is complete and the customer is happy. Its because of this policy that we have had zero customer turn-around.

We have testimonials below from some of our customers and more can be obtained on request. Our company has seen considerable growth from customer referrals. If interested we can get you to talk directly to the clients.

What Our Clients Say about us..

TechPro Has been our life support for our computer systems! Everyone in our office has TechPro on speed-dial. Their ability to "look" into our computers from off-site has been time saving as well as a great help. We highly recommend them - Kandy, Spirit Xpress/All Star Challenge.

From: "'XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com' via WHHNA-List" Date: June 23, 2015 at 4:51:10 PM EDT To: whhna-list@whhna.org Subject: [WHHNA-list] PHENOMENAL TECH SUPPORT COMPANY - LOCAL - OFFERS REMOTE SERVICES AND HOUSE CALLS Reply-To: "XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com" Hello, This morning my laptop crashed and in desperation I hit the yellow pages. I called TechPro IT Services 919-294-8962 and spoke w/ Fewstar Kagore. They are located on N Duke St and their website is techpronc.com. They are the best tech support company I've ever encountered and I'm moved to post a raving review. When I called and Fewstar answered, he spent 30 minutes w/ me on the phone, discussing the problem, troubleshooting and having me try different things. This was all w/ no discussion of payment or charges. When none of the methods worked he offered availability for tech support to troubleshoot on site. He came to my house within the hour and worked on my computer for another 90 minutes or so in my home. This is all immediate service being received w/ no delay. I asked about charges and he said $90 flat fee. He then stated he needed to do further work on the computer, as essentially it was not reviving. He offered to take it to the office where his equipment was and bring it back in the morning, to keep the flat rate of $90. I wasn't comfortable w/ my computer leaving the home due to the profound amount of personal data on the hard drive, and sensing my discomfort, he stated it was important to him that customers be comfortable. He offered to come back tomorrow w/ the equipment to continue the process in my home without taking the computer out of the home and he is scheduled to return at 9AM tomorrow to complete the job. He said it could take multiple hours and I was not comfortable at this point paying only $90 for his services, as I'd already taken hours of his day and we were discussing more hours tomorrow to complete the job. I offered $200 to have him come back tomorrow and he accepted this and said the price would not increase, regardless of however many hours it would take to complete. He was extremely competent, professional and responsive. I can't recommend this company enough! His email is fewstar@techpronc.com. Thanks! Raven LeFebvre

We have had a long-standing relationship with TechPro IT Services. The foundation of that relationship has been their technical know-how; professionalism and honesty in deliverables. Their ability to deliver services remotely has been quite useful to us and a huge cost savings; we will continue to use and recommend them. - Basil, President & CEO Diversified Research, Inc.

TechPro Has been our life support for our computer systems! Everyone in our office has TechPro on speed-dial
These are some of our most valued customers. Click on image to visit their website|| These are some of our most valued customers. Click on image to visit their website.

Types of Customers

We have three types of clients:

  • Walk-in Customers
    These are customers who bring their computers to the store
  • House Calls
    Occasionally customers call us to their homes if the nature of the problem requires we have to do so. We also try as much as we can to provide home visits to the elderly no matter what the nature of the probem is.
  • Regular Customers
    These are customers who call us to their places of business as needed.
  • Monthly Paying Customers
    These customers are the cornerstone of your business. Beside being their IT company, we have very strong business relations and or goal is to make sure they are up and running at all times.

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